The industrial group Formentini srl, a manufacturer of women's shoes from the Italian region of Le Marche , was born in the 50s by the intuition and tenacity of founder Luigi Formentini. It is reaching its second generation of entrepreneurs with Renzo and Paolo, who are brothers. Foresight, dynamism and passion unite them in the management of the family business, which is in constant and significant growth. Theirs is a solid manufacturing hub: organized and technologically advanced; and with determination and competitiveness it produces ten thousand pairs daily for the domestic and international market. Over time and always in relation to the desire to consolidate, the wish for a fascinating and intense footwear project is maturing. Paolo Formentini, a marriage of desire and passion on the one hand and experience on the other, is immersing himself in a project that aims to produce sophisticated but not excessive shoes for Italian women, sober and yet personalized content from the accessories that greatly characterize comfortable lines, sought in their essence.
From season to season D'Ambra does nothing but reaffirm their stylistic identity and its own particular way of conceiving the feminine elegance.
Innovation, size, and balance have always been the essential conceptual reference points of this innovative brand that likes to move effortlessly between fashion design and the dictates of the oldest art: footwear.
Therefore for next spring-summer, D'Ambra promises to excite all those women who are looking for unique products, refined and capable of synthesizing within themselves the taste of their own time without sacrificing femininity for it.
For next spring-summer D'Ambra's creative staff has decided to play first and foremost with the material which the shoes are made of.
The raw material is substantially placed at the center, becoming a measure of the style and key to luxury. Not a luxury so blatant as to lose all standard of formal reference, but a luxury balanced and intelligent, in which attention to detail is the fundamental basis of a refined fashion design.
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